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The White House released a statement on Friday in which it slammed the attack on author Salman Rushdie as "reprehensible." Rushdie is undergoing surgery.
Author: Landon Mion
Posted: August 13, 2022, 1:56 am
Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment against United States Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday.
Author: Adam Sabes
Posted: August 12, 2022, 9:02 pm
President Joe Biden's son Hunter was spotted enjoying the beach with his wife and young son as the Biden family vacations on South Carolina's affluent Kiawah Island.
Author: Andrew Miller
Posted: August 12, 2022, 6:37 pm
Democrats facing tough elections in the upcoming midterms are now in the spotlight after voting in favor of the Inflation Reduction Act in the House on Friday.
Author: Kyle Morris
Posted: August 12, 2022, 5:57 pm
House Democrats on Friday passed a $739 billion climate change, tax hike, and healthcare bill, giving President Biden's domestic agenda a boost at a time the country faces 40-year high inflation.
Author: Haris Alic
Posted: August 12, 2022, 5:42 pm
The governor of Arizona has started to fill gaps in border wall construction in Yuma, filling unfinished parts of the wall with shipping containers topped with wire.
Author: Adam Shaw
Posted: August 12, 2022, 5:28 pm
Rep. Michael Cloud, R-Texas, sent a letter with several of his House GOP colleagues to the IRS about the agency's stockpile of ammunition as it's set to receive billions in funding.
Author: Houston Keene
Posted: August 12, 2022, 5:26 pm
With Democrats set to pass the Inflation Reduction Act and pitch other legislative successes ahead of the midterms, the party is looking a little like it did in the 1990s.
Author: Chad Pergram
Posted: August 12, 2022, 3:54 pm
A Penn Wharton analysis found that the Inflation Reduction Act would reduce annual inflation by about 0.1 percentage points in five years, having minimal impact on tacking inflation during the economic recession.
Author: Aubrie Spady
Posted: August 12, 2022, 3:33 pm
The southern district of California, which consists of San Diego and Imperial counties, is the "epicenter" of fentanyl smuggling in the United States, officials said.
Author: Adam Shaw
Posted: August 12, 2022, 3:23 pm
"MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz provides insight on the New York Times staffer Bari Weiss' claim that she was "bullied" for her political affiliations.
Author: Fox News Staff
Posted: August 12, 2022, 3:11 pm
Iranian state media is dubbing author Salman Rushdie an "apostate" after the "The Satanic Verses" author was stabbed before a speech in New York on Thursday.
Author: Adam Shaw
Posted: August 12, 2022, 2:24 pm
FBI agents seized classified records from former President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago during its unprecedented raid on Monday, including some marked as top secret, according to documents reviewed by Fox News.
Author: Brooke Singman
Posted: August 12, 2022, 2:00 pm
President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping plan their first in-person meet up since Biden entered the White House.
Author: Caitlin McFall
Posted: August 12, 2022, 1:02 pm
Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., said Democrats would look at tax increases should his party hold on its majority in the House following the upcoming midterm elections.
Author: Kyle Morris
Posted: August 12, 2022, 12:55 pm
Democrats continue to stay silent on the IRS provision in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, after reports revealed the bill would fund the hiring of thousands of new IRS agents.
Author: Aubrie Spady
Posted: August 12, 2022, 12:38 pm
Rep. Rashida Tlaib collected between $30,000 and $100,000 from rental income during the pandemic while pushing a bill alongside other 'Squad' members to cancel rent.
Author: Joe Schoffstall
Posted: August 12, 2022, 11:29 am
Democrat representatives are silent after Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to postpone the vote on the law enforcement legislation, giving the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 the priority.
Author: Aubrie Spady
Posted: August 12, 2022, 11:26 am
The nominees battling for Arizona Senate gave Fox News Digital reaction to the Manchin-Schumer new spending bill, and what makes them the best candidate, and which historical figure they'd most like to get dinner with.
Author: Aubrie Spady
Posted: August 12, 2022, 10:18 am
Nikki Haley says "under no circumstances" should the Biden administration grant a visa to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi after assassination plots were revealed.
Author: Adam Shaw
Posted: August 12, 2022, 10:00 am